Wednesday, 31 August 2011


I am finally back bitches (or bitchies, i have been discussing and arguing over the spelling of this word with my dad, an explicit non-curser, who dares to know more than his semblance).

What an abide gratifying summer I had! The beginning was bad, the middle good and the coming back from holiday was worse. You see, I had the mean red and mean blue most of the time (I am feeling a bit like Holly Golightly from Breakfast at tiffany's), which makes the mean purple. (zingers). The mean purple do not own a existential recognition, yet. BUT I AM WORKING ON IT. (a few disparaged words to my family of hypochondriacs, and the devil's job is done). You will soon witness, the evolution of this new psychological frail and medical treatments will be available in your near by shop, Boots.

have penchant for drama. 

The rest of my summer article to come soon.

Saturday, 2 July 2011


Who thought I would complain about the oppressiveness of the weather in England? We need a begginning to everything and to this extend, here I am at the Bureau des Complaintes, remonstrating at the dry weather which awoken me at 5 this morning.  Could not be more pissed off and delighted at the same time while the birds are trigering with a poignant melody, a migraine.
Hot weather- No like, when you play mikado with my patience and piece of mind.

While some of us, enjoy the relaxation naively induced by the Scientific research. Convincing us "The positive impact warm, sunny weather can have on mental health and mood are real" according to new University of Michigan research.

People like me, dared to be fooled, while I have been trying to rest all night.

My sleep train must had a detour at the Grand 8 before terminating its journey, over-heated. Early summer vacation is what I call a "rip-off", as our mind is not yet ready to give up mental weight to the bed of roses, therefore to compensate, we take it to steel. Now, do not sell me a "positive", I want a refund! I want sleep.

What is the elicit truth behind this theory, Is there a link between our behaviour and the weather impact?
We all wonder...
Here are the evidences: (call me Sherlock)
A set of three studies involved more than 600 participants from throughout the United States. In one study conducted during the spring in Ann Arbor, participants who were randomly assigned to be outdoors during warm and sunny days showed improved mood and memory compared to participants who were outside when the weather was not pleasant and compared to participants who spent the time inside

Calling for further research into the subject, the researchers offer a straight forward prescription: "If you wish to reap the psychological benefits of good springtime weather, go outside.'

There is some uncovered solution to my sleeping problems and corrupting peace! aglamorouswayofthinking  may sleep outside, joining my cordial friends, the wild nocturnal animals. Shhh Insects phobia is an issue I will have to deal another time. Enjoy your summer everyone! Now, who will kindly let me borrow a sleeping bag?

Do not hesitate to comment, leave your blog name and I will check it out.


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

a late birthday post

Ah finally 16 years old. The age of maturity. This one years marked by changes and in which distinct me from 15 years old border line teenager who unsociably wanders around the family's dwarf size fridge (very small, which kindly feeds 4 little scavengers)  to a 16 years old teenager who unsociably wanders around the family's dwarf size fridge and who is occasionally promoted to share a generous glass of cider with mum.  I must underline I do consume such jaunty drink only "with mum" and no one else. (my dad does occasionally read my blog, hello to you).

I confess, I do not feel 16 and it would be lying to you to say I did and to say I felt any excitement about it. Where is the dynamic of sweet sixteen? Does it have to be ordered separately like batteries for new hyped toys or is it included in the package (very rare)?.  Optimistically hoping to have more enthusiastic news because this year I am looking for an adventurous life which would include run a marathon for charity, get a job, appear on telly, jump off a plane in parachute, meet love at first sight or marry the prince Harry.  I will get back to you during this archangel 16th year. Maybe I will stick with being an "unsociably" wanderer. 

I had a fabulous a birthday and thanks the love one. I must post a not-so glamorous picture of me in my younger years to make this day memorable.  I am the tall girl with the short haircut who frowns-like-a-mouse, the other sweet looking gnome is Judith my sister. 

(very funny) 

A sweet sin.

Hello readers, I hope you are having an enjoyable week, mine has been quite... well there is not other word to describe it; boring. Have you ever felt inevitably stuck on running machine, stationary, motionless and embedded to a dull background, with only the lively sound of the TV? Altogether this is how my emotions have been layout this sobering week, pressuring me into the what I called a cultural sin. This condemning confession involves, several hundred of pillows, a pot of smooth Ben&Jerry cookie dough ice cream and my baby cherry red laptop, like the murdering Roxie Heart would say "Who's said murdering is not an art?". The victim? Well I was in such a state of shock , I completely blanked out and cannot remember a thing it was not until now when I realised I was on my laptop watching "The only way is Essex" and "Made in Chelsea", I even knew I had witness 4 hours worth of these shows. Yes 4 hours. No no lying. Only exaggerating a little bit Pinocchio. Not my usual tv choice, but see this is what boredom usually pushes you to do, and would it be devilish to say I enjoyed it? Drowning myself into a high dose of drama and the life of two different materialist species. Fascinating. Now I want my life back please?

Thursday, 21 April 2011

The very nightmare.

That devil above who trounce her over-dyed non-oxygen hair heavily to the sound of "hard core" rock, is only the  neurotic teenager Taylor Momsen. After reading my articles I am sure you know me a little bit better and now you are intimate enough to witness one of my follies.Yes plead guilty, I am not a big fan of her style and provocative manners but I have to say her music is my guilty pleasure.

A long and creamy while ago, Taylor started her uplifting actress career in the cinema, playing alongside Jim Carey in How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The best children Christmas story featuring our nation's favourite green man; no not the Green Giant, our god of frozen vegetables; the Grinch. And of course the the rock candy sweet Cindy Lou Who with her naive jaunty smile. Yes Taylor Momsen played Cindy. You don't believe me? Well google it silly, see who is wrong. Who could have thought, such a tremendous adorable thing with her ridiculous uplifted plated her decorated like a overloaded Christmas tree and her high pitched voice that would  make you go gaga it is almost a 'crime', could turn into this meretricious rebel. It is recidivism, Miss Taylor now also playes the character of Jenny in Gossip Girl on the side of having her own band, and again 'intoxicates' us with her character's sweetness. I have not decided it yet what I prefer. An over-joyful teenager who still have mauve ponies ornamenting her bedroom wall or this rousing 17 years old young woman, openly into sex and resembles a 80s zombie with her I-fell-into-my-eyeshadow look. Not very flattering. Either way I like the music. Here below is a video. 

Sunday, 3 April 2011

The fortunates

Hello to all Mothers of this world. I wish you one Happy Mother's day.

My mother is a divine creature. She protected me through anything, pushed me to do great things and never lost faith. I may have forgotten Mother's day... (outch) the commercial celebrations of these beautiful flowers.

I apologise because to me you are everything. And no cards, flowers or even juvenile mugs with 'cheesy' poetics harmonising lines can express the feeling of veneration I have for you. You are a strong, independent woman filled with fantasy. Did you not see it? At the time of  our first encounter when I was a not even 4 apples tall, I would watch you with my big explorer eyes. Such quiescent and awaken nature of mine is explained by the force and strength you gave me. Your arms around me, made me feel safe. I love you dearly.

This is for you, my fallen angel, who gave up many transcend powers to be among us simple terrestrials.
A simple mug, but which says everything..