Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A sweet sin.

Hello readers, I hope you are having an enjoyable week, mine has been quite... well there is not other word to describe it; boring. Have you ever felt inevitably stuck on running machine, stationary, motionless and embedded to a dull background, with only the lively sound of the TV? Altogether this is how my emotions have been layout this sobering week, pressuring me into the what I called a cultural sin. This condemning confession involves, several hundred of pillows, a pot of smooth Ben&Jerry cookie dough ice cream and my baby cherry red laptop, like the murdering Roxie Heart would say "Who's said murdering is not an art?". The victim? Well I was in such a state of shock , I completely blanked out and cannot remember a thing it was not until now when I realised I was on my laptop watching "The only way is Essex" and "Made in Chelsea", I even knew I had witness 4 hours worth of these shows. Yes 4 hours. No no lying. Only exaggerating a little bit Pinocchio. Not my usual tv choice, but see this is what boredom usually pushes you to do, and would it be devilish to say I enjoyed it? Drowning myself into a high dose of drama and the life of two different materialist species. Fascinating. Now I want my life back please?

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  1. lol harry is hilarious! and yeah I was also bored when I watched the only way is essex and is probably the only one in canada who did!


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