Saturday, 2 July 2011


Who thought I would complain about the oppressiveness of the weather in England? We need a begginning to everything and to this extend, here I am at the Bureau des Complaintes, remonstrating at the dry weather which awoken me at 5 this morning.  Could not be more pissed off and delighted at the same time while the birds are trigering with a poignant melody, a migraine.
Hot weather- No like, when you play mikado with my patience and piece of mind.

While some of us, enjoy the relaxation naively induced by the Scientific research. Convincing us "The positive impact warm, sunny weather can have on mental health and mood are real" according to new University of Michigan research.

People like me, dared to be fooled, while I have been trying to rest all night.

My sleep train must had a detour at the Grand 8 before terminating its journey, over-heated. Early summer vacation is what I call a "rip-off", as our mind is not yet ready to give up mental weight to the bed of roses, therefore to compensate, we take it to steel. Now, do not sell me a "positive", I want a refund! I want sleep.

What is the elicit truth behind this theory, Is there a link between our behaviour and the weather impact?
We all wonder...
Here are the evidences: (call me Sherlock)
A set of three studies involved more than 600 participants from throughout the United States. In one study conducted during the spring in Ann Arbor, participants who were randomly assigned to be outdoors during warm and sunny days showed improved mood and memory compared to participants who were outside when the weather was not pleasant and compared to participants who spent the time inside

Calling for further research into the subject, the researchers offer a straight forward prescription: "If you wish to reap the psychological benefits of good springtime weather, go outside.'

There is some uncovered solution to my sleeping problems and corrupting peace! aglamorouswayofthinking  may sleep outside, joining my cordial friends, the wild nocturnal animals. Shhh Insects phobia is an issue I will have to deal another time. Enjoy your summer everyone! Now, who will kindly let me borrow a sleeping bag?

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