Wednesday, 31 August 2011


I am finally back bitches (or bitchies, i have been discussing and arguing over the spelling of this word with my dad, an explicit non-curser, who dares to know more than his semblance).

What an abide gratifying summer I had! The beginning was bad, the middle good and the coming back from holiday was worse. You see, I had the mean red and mean blue most of the time (I am feeling a bit like Holly Golightly from Breakfast at tiffany's), which makes the mean purple. (zingers). The mean purple do not own a existential recognition, yet. BUT I AM WORKING ON IT. (a few disparaged words to my family of hypochondriacs, and the devil's job is done). You will soon witness, the evolution of this new psychological frail and medical treatments will be available in your near by shop, Boots.

have penchant for drama. 

The rest of my summer article to come soon.


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  2. I love you soo much beautiful <3 take care and talk soon ! x


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