Wednesday, 18 May 2011

a late birthday post

Ah finally 16 years old. The age of maturity. This one years marked by changes and in which distinct me from 15 years old border line teenager who unsociably wanders around the family's dwarf size fridge (very small, which kindly feeds 4 little scavengers)  to a 16 years old teenager who unsociably wanders around the family's dwarf size fridge and who is occasionally promoted to share a generous glass of cider with mum.  I must underline I do consume such jaunty drink only "with mum" and no one else. (my dad does occasionally read my blog, hello to you).

I confess, I do not feel 16 and it would be lying to you to say I did and to say I felt any excitement about it. Where is the dynamic of sweet sixteen? Does it have to be ordered separately like batteries for new hyped toys or is it included in the package (very rare)?.  Optimistically hoping to have more enthusiastic news because this year I am looking for an adventurous life which would include run a marathon for charity, get a job, appear on telly, jump off a plane in parachute, meet love at first sight or marry the prince Harry.  I will get back to you during this archangel 16th year. Maybe I will stick with being an "unsociably" wanderer. 

I had a fabulous a birthday and thanks the love one. I must post a not-so glamorous picture of me in my younger years to make this day memorable.  I am the tall girl with the short haircut who frowns-like-a-mouse, the other sweet looking gnome is Judith my sister. 

(very funny) 

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