Thursday, 21 April 2011

The very nightmare.

That devil above who trounce her over-dyed non-oxygen hair heavily to the sound of "hard core" rock, is only the  neurotic teenager Taylor Momsen. After reading my articles I am sure you know me a little bit better and now you are intimate enough to witness one of my follies.Yes plead guilty, I am not a big fan of her style and provocative manners but I have to say her music is my guilty pleasure.

A long and creamy while ago, Taylor started her uplifting actress career in the cinema, playing alongside Jim Carey in How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The best children Christmas story featuring our nation's favourite green man; no not the Green Giant, our god of frozen vegetables; the Grinch. And of course the the rock candy sweet Cindy Lou Who with her naive jaunty smile. Yes Taylor Momsen played Cindy. You don't believe me? Well google it silly, see who is wrong. Who could have thought, such a tremendous adorable thing with her ridiculous uplifted plated her decorated like a overloaded Christmas tree and her high pitched voice that would  make you go gaga it is almost a 'crime', could turn into this meretricious rebel. It is recidivism, Miss Taylor now also playes the character of Jenny in Gossip Girl on the side of having her own band, and again 'intoxicates' us with her character's sweetness. I have not decided it yet what I prefer. An over-joyful teenager who still have mauve ponies ornamenting her bedroom wall or this rousing 17 years old young woman, openly into sex and resembles a 80s zombie with her I-fell-into-my-eyeshadow look. Not very flattering. Either way I like the music. Here below is a video. 

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