Sunday, 3 April 2011

The fortunates

Hello to all Mothers of this world. I wish you one Happy Mother's day.

My mother is a divine creature. She protected me through anything, pushed me to do great things and never lost faith. I may have forgotten Mother's day... (outch) the commercial celebrations of these beautiful flowers.

I apologise because to me you are everything. And no cards, flowers or even juvenile mugs with 'cheesy' poetics harmonising lines can express the feeling of veneration I have for you. You are a strong, independent woman filled with fantasy. Did you not see it? At the time of  our first encounter when I was a not even 4 apples tall, I would watch you with my big explorer eyes. Such quiescent and awaken nature of mine is explained by the force and strength you gave me. Your arms around me, made me feel safe. I love you dearly.

This is for you, my fallen angel, who gave up many transcend powers to be among us simple terrestrials.
A simple mug, but which says everything..

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