Tuesday, 29 March 2011

"Don't go fighting against the spring" Lorenzo the poet

A few days ago, I have been emotionally taken aboard in the fabulous story 'A room with a view' by E.M Foster. If you have not read it, I urgently advise you to. This novel is perfect for transcending into the deep and luscious culture of Italy and its sweet perfume of pleasure and adventure. And talking about Italy, I am sure you darlings have already checked out the wanton hit Gucci made with this flower power collection for fall 2011. (and if you have not here below are a few appatisers) 

You cannot beat the spring in nature and also the spring and men. Gucci surpassed the leaden winter, warred the seasons together and bought us this fifty miles of Florence,cutting draped to admire and praise. I may be under the influence of Mr Foster and his love for the boot shape country but this collection prodigally bought jaunt to my future winter.


  1. oh my i cannot get enough of these images !! the burgundy lip is amazing !! the ruffles & in all the different colors !! WOW X and those sheer bottoms/skirts !! great post iv only just began my blog & hopefully you wouldnt mind passing on any tips as yours is really good ! :) XX


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