Monday, 10 January 2011

A wickedtale.

After a fine day in London with my mumma, Lauren joined me for a fun night watching Nowhere boy (so much love for  Aaron Johnson and John Lennon) and taking photos while raving at the child prodigy, willow smith. I have to say I used to dislike her and found quite pretentious and bland, maybe my jealousy spoke at the time, but now I have realised she has nothing this  dangerously  spoilt.  Introduced early in the showbiz, her and her brother will possibly grow up and become the New generation, the next Smith. Now we just have to watch what paths the " little stars" are taking.

Switching back to the photoshot : Our photographer for the night? Well my little sweetie little deer whom I call Jud Jud (idem Judith or little tiger). Her photo below

Lauren + Me , check this Miss's blog here.

The sky in my bedroom,

 and again my precious Lauren.


  1. Fabulous night darlingg (;
    At first when I read this post, I thought you were saying you were jelous and hated me! And then you started talking about young stars and I got it (; x


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