Sunday, 24 October 2010

Rawww like a monster.

In the wild jungle, a feline shadow peers through the fully spring-up vegetations.  The rain,dropping on its multi-coloured fur as its sensitive paws brush the humid soil. Ready to bounce at anything...  'Rawww!' howled Judith the leopard, the biggest predator known. 'You scared me to death!' I screamed. My loveable 8 years old sister,  went today, to an arty fair in London and was nicely decorated with glitters, gothic eye-shadow and bronze face paint. Everything to please a little girl! 

Make-up is an art. When some think face paint are childish, immature and a little too crazy. I think we should embrace the rare possibility we have, to fully paint your face and become able to interpret this occasional new you. (A tiger perhaps?)

The trouble it is hard to remove- poor Judith tried earlier and she turned from a glorious leopard to a gory vamp. Perfect for Halloween, which is approaching fast. I have no idea what could be my costume... Ugly betty? What are your costumes ideas for the scary night of Halloween? Share it with me.


  1. Wow!!))) I Love this creative, very beautiful post!!! Very, very nice blog.

  2. she looks fabulous
    totally cool

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  3. This is so amazing!
    The second picture is wildly believable!



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