Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Oh my great,

A few weeks ago I have read The Great Gadsby, novel written by Mr Fitzgerald. I have no intention to spit on the great American litterature of this ludic early 20th centenry. But at the moment I finally closed the book after 2 enduring hours of intense reading. Satisfaction was not there. Almost disappointment eluded my mind.

At the first line of this book, I was already forseen this jazy fresh new way of life, I was ready to enter this Art deco world and enjoy an explicit literature. However it wasn't there. I disliked the characters, and found Francis Scott quite pretentious in his style of writing. If his intentions were to disgust us of the vain world of New York West egg, of its urban organisations,cocktail  of people and place, lively nights and land of ash- he was defiantly successful. Netherless I cannot deny his magnificent metaphors and elaborated techniques were just blowing my mind and I am proud to say I now understand the meaning behind his epithet of American Master.

The main character  Nick Carrawa, a narrator. was only a glim of present and you would zigzag into his monthly encounters with Mr Gatsby or other characters.  Not many thoughts, perceptions or colour. Nick had the "emotional insight of a goldfish whose owner left a book of Freud case studies open on the credenza beside the tank". (quote by James Wolcott) There was just not emotion it was all blurry, a pure mist representing the corruption of American's Dream. The other characters, I dare not to speak of. All hostile. They were 

I am guessing F. Scott Fitzgerald is not for me.

However a few days ago, I watched the film, durected by Jack Clayton... you guessed it. I feel in love with Robert Redford playing Jay Gatsby. Breath taking gorgeous. The film made sense to a book that didnt. There was emotions...

If any of you read "The Great Gatsby" what are your thoughts about it? 

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