Sunday, 24 October 2010

Recap, long live the king.

3 delicate years ago, when you would have uttered the name " Alexander McQueen", I would have rose up to my feet and and move my body... The rightful term is "happy dance", something I became fond to do everytime I like something. I express my emotions with= deplorable move + nod with excitement. 

He was my first crush. His fall 2009, was a dream meeting reality. A romantic fantasy, which when I was  13, made me escape from other problems a 13 years old girl might have. He would make me float away from any thoughts. An ethereal beauty.  Unfortunatly, as we all know he disappeared from the surface of the earth to rise up... and left his brand, the  flesh of his inspiration and talent.

I am releave to say, earlier this month,  Alexander McQueen brand was forecast to have a brilliant future. His genius and name was kept and Pina Ferlina was named creative director in the later June. She was named the one to carry such a popular and loved brand and she indeed proved later this Spring/Summer collection 2011, to be worthy. She galvanizing and made the brand jump back into the romantic aesthetic I once fell for. 

I am indeed, reassured that such a legacy is dragged to prospect.  Oh yeahhh... now let's relax and eat some glittery cupcakes. 

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