Monday, 11 October 2010

Kenzo Spring/Summer 2011

I love the fashion industry for many reasons. First when you think you seen it all, it always evolve and surprises you with breath-taking ideas. It is an interesting kingdom that will never sees to exist. It is a wonderful world many of us, are captivated by like a little girl, finds interest in magic, princesses or even the prince! We are all in wonder of what could happen next. For me Kenzo Fall 2011 was a bit of everything. An bric-a-brac of cultural clothing. From kimono to floral tent dresses. Antonio Marras built up an tower of wonder, texture and colour. To where? The moon? Pluto? He filled the "Cirque d'hiver" with vivid joy. And this is one of the reason I love fashion. 





  1. Such bold colors and patterns. Lovely!



    the showmanship

  3. I adore crazy fashion like this. Absolutely adore it! This is so inspiring.

    xox Marcus

  4. So beautiful! I love the bold prints and bright colors - definitely a great source of inspiration!

  5. Glamorous, You are wonderfully brilliant. This blog is completely full of amazing art and fashion. I wish you showed me more of it in person, coz Its just beautiful. you know at school, i see you and all these feelings just come rushing to my head... how much you mean to me, coz u mean a lot. and whenever i just glance at this stuff, i respect you even more! xx :)


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