Friday, 30 April 2010

Pursuit of Hapiness?!

                                    The disappointing « me » is expectedly saddened about today, being Friday. Yet another week completed. I feel let down by it... like an poor and naive ant, living among millions, who sacrifices its life for its anthill and in the pursuit of Happiness. And I suppose, trying to not get flatten by any insignificant foot. Erg... I am so negative aren’t?
Last week end I marched to a field near my cherished home, there was the most dazzling, goodness and soothing light of spring. Ah dear spring! I adore you more than a Coffee Milkshake and this is beyond doubt; BIG!  I captured some exultant pictures to make the most of it. “Whoa sun in England?! Impossible! Truly a dream!”
Please don't mind my blasé face!

Possibly the most ordinary face I would put of. Significant to my character; anxious little girl.
Oh Is this so.
See though wool laced top (vintage) with neo pink bra (Cacharel), Gorgeous close to neck necklace (Bubbeleh Chic) and Deep carrot orange clogs (vintage).

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  1. Hey, thanks for the comment! I'm the same, I always go to my friends' houses and just tidy them!

    I really love your outfit.. the laced top and the clogs are beautiful! Great blog too, I'm following :)



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