Friday, 23 April 2010

Mode indienne, Dehli's revenge!

Haven't you ever dreamed of being a miraculous bird? A phoenix with its multi-coloured and vibrant plumage, a mythological creature with “thousand shades of gold glistened”? Well Manish Aora, the icon of Indian fashion, creates garments that are so beautiful and rich that you are unexpectedly welcomed into this fantasy world; where no bright colour is Taboo and where “sparkling rose is the navy blue”. A tale where traditional Indian craft methods are combines with contemporary silhouettes.
 Manish’s clothes are the only one of their kind.

As your eyes gaze at the dazzling embroidery, you get lost in this whirlwind of riotous colours; a palette striking you.
His signature? His native city; Delhi.

Manish Aora started his label in India around 1997, his first catwalk only happened eight years later in the city, of teas and roses; the great London. His label then took off passing through Paris, but Manish was always loyal to his Delhi; his inspiration and host, and still creates his inspirational garments there. 

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