Thursday, 2 December 2010

Knock knock...

Hello flake of lemon ice cream, I see that you bought the thrilling cold Mr Winter with you. I am enchanted of this beautiful fair, filled up of million sparkling twinkle, blinding me. I wish you that love, prosperity and warmth fulfil your chocolate cup and supply happiness in your life.

To me winter is the intended excuse to get a hug from a stranger, a way to meet special people for specials occasion, the reason to share possession and spoil the love ones. And without forgetting to miss school because of the weather and go sledging with insane and lovable persons, I call my friends.

Oh in 23 days, its Christmas!

Above is a moodboard of this sequence, term and event. It is bits and pieces which feeds me with its beauty and inspirations. Everything for a satisfying winter.  I absolutely adore the faux-fur coat from Topshop, maybe Santa will be kind enough to get it for me. (hint hint to my parents)

Next year I might be able to post more of my own pictures and style, but I just have to wait till Christmas because I ordered a new camera to Santa (hopefully with the leopard coat).

Hope you are having a nice winter!

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  1. love the header and the board!


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