Thursday, 16 December 2010

A 40 pieces montees.

The two exquisite, Mulleavy sisters- Laura and Kate- have recently united with Darren Aronofsky’s new film Black Swan and have designed 40 glorious costumes.  “You finish a show and you’re already thinking about your next one. In film, you make pieces of clothing that go down in history. It’s been very, very exciting for us.” said Laura, or Kate. I was never fond of Rodarte earthly aesthetic but the thought of explosive tutus excites me bringing back memories of my own classical dance experience- when I was 7 years old and dreamed to own one of those magical cherry blossom pink tutu. Therefore one day I  instinctively exclaimed to my mum I would like to start dance lesson.. After, everything was organised so quickly. I found myself going every Wednesday at the nearby school hall and joined the crew of the wannabe petits rats d'opera. To my disappointment I later found out that those extreme skirts were only given for important shows and as I was only a novice, the delicate tulle was twirling quickly away from me. 

I had no particular interest whatsoever to this quiescent dance and with great laziness, I stopped going to the lessons. And this was only active experience in the wide world of dance. Dance is not my "thing" but I still enjoy its sensitivity.

The Black Swan
For those who are hopefully more passionate in classical dance than me- 
It is the story of an haunted middle aged ballerina (Natalie Portman) who battles through life in search of passion and love. Nina had always has a disappointing life and worked hard for her profession when one day she was asked to replace her fellow worker  for the opening production of their new season, Swan Lake, Nina is the first choice. However another guile and sensual dancer called Lily is in the competition for this role.  Nina does not hesitate, she lets her inside demon with great acrimony slowly take over her like the current until she finally drowns in obscurity to defeat her rival.  

I have not yet had the joy to watch this thriller but hopefully I will soon. It has a depressing feeling to it which I am not really craving for right now. It is nearly Christmas and I am in a festive mood, nothing shall bring me down!

Almost Christmas! 

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