Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The teeth of happiness

AH Autumn piercing through the shadow of a sunny summer. The season of melancholy, auburn colour, falling leaves, beauty, warmth and happiness. Oh I adore you Mr Autumn, you are my man

Hello back my dear readers, I am as expected back from my lovely trip in Paris. This sail across the Manche was pretty much enjoyable, I finally went to see my friend; the orthodontist and did many finance revisions (Ah finance). I also tried ,without succeeding, to have a look around the Grand Monet exhibition. 2 hours of unbearable queue, and a tired moaning dad along the way. 

My friend the orthodontist? Well it is not exactly a friend, to the frequency of my visits it is more an acquaintance, even a stranger. I never really minded the way I look however, up to a certain age I started to put care and consideration to the slightest futile things. My mouth is a rightful example. I am a teenager, how can I help it! To my despair I will be wearing braces next month during 1 and a half a year and I generally dislike the idea. HA! I will become more than an acquaintance as every 6 weeks, I will be sitting on the grey plastic chair, my mouth open-big and the stranger tightening and fiddling around with metal in my mouth, . What a lovely and exquisite event. 

Here are some picture I took with my phone camera.


  1. Don't worry about braces, I got mine off last year after about a year and a half and let me tell you, it's totally worth it to have perfectly perfect teeth ;)


  2. braces are worth it in the end!
    love that close up of the traffic lights.


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