Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Silent folie.

Sick at home today.  I watched silent films all day with their pure madness and top-heavy emotions. 

"It is that quality possessed by someone which draws all other others with its magnetic force. With IT you win all men if you are a woman- and all women if you are a man. IT can be a quality of the mind as well as a physical attraction"

Bowler hat, seduction, ecstasy, Elegant collars, preppy flappers, cropped and masculine hair daring and shocking. A Liberated charismatic woman , called Betty, who dances the nights away in the Jazz Age, epitomised the spirit of a reckless rebel. The film IT (1927), is full of charms and joy with Clara Bow and the gentleman Antonio Moreno. It is a film to watch! Available on youtube here.
I like the playful innocence of the 1920s. Woman were liberating and sophisticated, and the differences between the poor and rich, were tone down by the  simplicity of the flappers clothes. There is something doubtless enchanting about it. I adore the long cigarette holder, and the silhouette of a typical butterfly lady. Sleek short hair moving careless along the swinging sound of jazz, full of pride and self confidence. However many old people at the time represented them as 'frivolous, scantily-clad, jazzing flapper, irresponsible and undisciplined, to whom a dance, a new hat, or a man with a car, were of more importance than the fate of nations.' I fully disagree. I believe them, to be modern and against the stereotypical of the under-worked, shut women. They were the freedom to sexual tensions and independence to men. A hard work, provocative individual who redefined women' s role in the society. 

Warning these unique girls bite! 

Let's all be flapper together...

        IT (1927), Clara Bow and Antonio Moreno.

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