Saturday, 11 September 2010

Secondary school, all again.


I am having a delightful time at secondary school. During this week and next week, I am enjoying my days looking after tiny little children. It defiantly sound profane, when put this way, let me explain.

I am just starting my year 11 and already have the duty during 2 long weeks to find a workplace upon myself, and enjoy this wonderful premature work experience. It can only be exiting; long days making coffee or tea, doing many paperworks or even worse, actually do real work.

I hate to complain but living in the small town where nothing really happens is a real let say...pain when finding a work-placement. 

We all know, who in our English island, welcomes 15 year old girls in search of a work experience, with open arms, and uncanny greeting smiles are ; schools. Therefore I found myself in the middle of battlefield, called a secondary school. 

Surprising, the silly me who found nothing so attractive to chubby, pink cheek, angel face; children. Found myself in total ecstasy when in front of a year one class, being a simple teacher assistant. There purity and naivety untouched yet by society we all live in just makes you want to protect or cherished them. This week has defiantly gone quickly for me.

When lonely who does not want someone lending you their hand with a faint and timid "Do you want to play with me?". I miss secondary school.

Here is what I wore for my first day. 


  1. your tights are really quite lovely!

  2. love the outfit :DD and your blog,, which reminds me,, i have been following your blog for quite some time now and its wonderfull ,, i gave it a blog award for a blog with substance, check it out here


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