Thursday, 2 September 2010

Dazzling K.

When A Glamorous way of Thinking first hit Kani's website, she fell under her charm. Prepy blouses, vintage bags, outlandish hosiery, her love for print and unconventional attention to detail is a storm of care bears, craving to hug you. You will find honesty and harmony in the canvas of her style and an absolute respect for the mix of modern and vintage garments. 

Bow bow bow bow bow 

The Eighteen year old chick from Australia, Kani (not her real name) is a freshman in America, sacrificing her days at the university or invading the net, like poppies, with her eccentric style.

"I'm studying a bachelor of commerce/bachelor of laws double degree and probably won't be out of university for at least another four years!" says the style Icon who everyday inspires the Stylish world of the net with her daily pictures.

Her 5 favourite trends:
-Peter Pan collars
-platform wedge and wooden heels
-Boots with buckles
-Scallop hems

Make sure to have a look at her etsy account, and you too could be the proud owner of a charming hand-made (with the love of Kani) hair accessories. 

"I want, I want!"



  1. she's so adorable!:)

    i enjoy reading your blog dear


  2. you have a really cool blog!

  3. yeah, she's one of my fave Aussie bloggers, maybe even all time!
    so pretty and individual xx


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