Monday, 1 November 2010

Please, show me.

Bureau des complaintes 
I am in Paris; the city of romance and bourgeoisie where you enjoy afternoons at the cafe paying absurd bottles of Diet coke 6 silly euros;  To finally get something I always wanted... braces... I mean straight teeth... but I got braces instead as they are the popular and unsubtle method to eventually get straight teeth.

I have never foreseen, how much it could hurt; My gum is on fire, my mucous membranes are wound of blood, my lips are luscious with anguish and I am full of discontent when I unable to chew over cooked pasta. This is polite way to say- Braces sucks! 

Netherless, I establish how lucky I am to be able to receive this treatment. I am thankful to my dad who took care of it and my orthodontics who is a sweet woman and done a great job with my teeth. I could not feel anything during it, but warning the pain is afterwards! Now I understand, why she was in laughter when I gradually revealed to her I could not feel anything. I feel idiotic. Possibly an idiot in pain.

Overly I had a lovely 4 days, no pictures were taken my camera is broken and with obvious reasons, I tend to stay away from them.  

Hope you had a great half term. 

Happy Halloween!

(Hold the line! I am planning to post an Halloween article, later in the week, but first I have to get ready for my voyage back to England.)

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  1. Hi, welcome in Paris, I do hope you'll enjoy your trip into my beautiful city !
    Btw, I'm sorry your braces hurt you that bad, I used to have it when I was 15 and it wasn't that bad :/



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