Friday, 26 November 2010

The ecstasy of a sparrow.

Hello dear readers, 

I am back from the long and tired time of my life when exams mostly occupies the land. I am happy to announce with comfort that I am going to escape from the extreme (exaggerating) revision sessions I had- for a few... huh... days? And yes I will unfortunately be again dragged back into this unending GCSE examination. 

Nevertheless this does not stop be from enjoying the writing words. Here is a book I enjoyed very much.

How can I start this review? Well everything has a beginning so I may start from it... The book is called Miss Pettigrew lives for a day. For the one who have not yet read it or enjoyed its version as a moving image featuring the charming Miss Amy Adams- The story is set like a fairytale meets 1938's London. It inflict  a middle-aged, strait-laced vicar's daughter and governess Guinevere Pettigrew. Who has always lived her life in restrain, watching it with a far and bewildered gaze. One day (like most story begins) after being fired from her 4th job she went back to the employment agency. Miss Pettigrew leaves the office, knowing this is her last chance, with an assignment intended for a colleague, unaware that flamboyant American singer/actress Delysia Lafosse wants a social secretary rather than a nanny. Miss Pettigrew discovers herself a new door opened to an exciting splashy world- where young women juggles with 3 intended lovers and delicate affairs. 

This is a charming novel and absolutely demented which will make titter with ecstasy. The story of a woman who always thought to be behind and not destined to a joyful end, let is go of herself. Breaking through like a phoenix confident, eccentric and shine with gaudy character. A real story about self-satisfaction teaching that age does not matter for happiness.
To read now! 

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