Saturday, 18 September 2010

Free spirits.

Yesterday I was really sad and angry because of the injustice in our world. A violation. 

On Friday, the school had organised a nice party and the children were allowed to wear their own clothes. A nice enjoyable day, nothing could go wrong. For the last hour, we went in the hall to have  a party, dance, eat food, it was a special day and my last among the cherished adorable kids. As everyone were having fun, enjoying themselves, I caught sight of one of the children, standing along looking at the crown with envy. I walked up to her because I thought her too timid and unsure to dance or feeling like an outsider. I could understand this, I have always felt like this. What is wrong with being an outsider? 

A teacher was already there, standing close to the child, talking to her so she does not feel alone, giving her a nice company. I decided to joined in. The teacher looked at me and whispered "she can't dance", I automatically asked why, thinking of me at her age and my confidence issues and the cruel kids whispering in front of me with their nasty look, and how it was difficult for me. Today I have learnt to not live though other people's eye. I realised how I changed , how I became stronger, and a smiled appeared on my mouth. "her parents are strict", had chased away my past and briskly made me come back to reality. 

She was adorable and looked at me with her confound eyes fighting for a truth in what she has learnt to believe in. Only 6 and already restraining herself. She looked back at the crowd not letting them go of her gloomy eyes. Her sadness hit me. I could not leave her alone, and more the minuted passed anger was growing within me. We both never let our eyes off the the crowd. I was thinking how a brilliant child she is, one of the best in the class I worked in. During the all time she was restraining herself. Once a time I would walk through the playground to say hello to the class I work in for work experience. She would grab me and never let go, she never seemed to be playing with anyone, always silently drawing in the classroom.

 Maybe I am misjudging, but I call this a mental rape. Taking advantage of the young and innocent mind of a child;  its purity and naivety.

I know I should not be judging, but I could not help it, it is not like she did not want to dance, she could not dance. A child full of solitude. Remember you are in full control of your destiny, grab its string and never let go. You are who you are and should embrace it. Learn from your mistakes and never live in the past. Move forward, be proud of today's you. Never restrain yourself, to be and surely do not let others. Live your life fully! 


  1. Its so sad that such a young person can have such little freedom :( x

  2. wow how sad :(( but also, very inspiring, i was like that when i was younger too


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