Saturday, 28 August 2010

Kindness and Love

This article is about my precious grand-parent. This summer they are here in England to stay with us. A Glamorous way of Thinking is dearly happy. 
My papy makes me laugh all the time. For example, tonight my step dad cooked us a tasty, exotic Thai dish and while everyone where silently savouring the perfect dinner my grand-pa exclaimed “We could add some olives!”. He broke the silence to find exuberant laughter. But that is not it! Last night, we were eating sushi and again in the middle of our delightful dish, he asked if we could heat some sandwich loaf. No misdemeanour, but bread and sushi are not to go together. During the afternoon, we always watch long, old black and white movies. Starring actors like Bing Crosby, Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour. The perfect trio. Even if he does not understand English language, you would find him captivated by the movie, bringing a cheerful feeling of nostalgia. Like Le bon vieux temps. I call him Papy gateaux.
My Mamie, on the over side is like a sweet little girl. Looking at her dazzling eyes when starring at fancy English tea set or when looking at flowers in the London gardens, is just pure happiness.
They are both full of love to give and kindness.
Je les aime

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