Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Moisturise your soul

I am in the middle of my "before going to bed" routine So I decided to drop a few lines before falling on my mattress to fall asleep.
My "before going to bed" routine is not so complicated; it involves sitting on the sofa, rubbing my face with the new CLARINS daily energizer Cream with a enjoyable herbal tea and subsequently, read a few lines of my favourite New Yorker story delicately written by Micheal Chabon or read magazines. And It also imply not getting kicked out of the living room by parents because of the time (I tend to stay up late). What is your "before going to bed" routine?

I should go to sleep now,
because I can see my step dad lifting up an eyebrow at me with surprise to exclaim "are your still up?"

Night night dear readers.
Sweet dreams.

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  1. gorgeous photo!! sweet dreams :)

    stop by sometime <3


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