Thursday, 15 July 2010

5 lovely things ♥

I decided I should write an article about 5 things I ♥ at the moment. So here I am…

1.   1. Recently I have discovered Spanish Moss for the first time, and fell unexpectedly in love. Enthusiastically looked at the “sale” category to find this Hot jumpsuit below. Because I am unfortunate, I am only left to fantasies about this wicked garment. First thing tomorrow- get a job then money. Wish me good luck.

2.   2. Hansel & Gretel. In my media lesson we were attributed the task to make a movie trailer. With my fun-loving and slightly silly friends we decided to make a remake of this fantasy story. Gingham oversized dress, plates and cute waistcoat will be included without forgetting the scary amount of sweets and cakes. Adorable.

3.   3.Macaroon. Of every colours. Like the rainbow’s palette. They are too beautiful to be eaten. My mum is making some right now, too bad they are lemon’s flavour. I hate lemon.

4.  4. ♥ Daisy Lowe’s eccentric style.

5.  5. ♥ Ice skating. Tomorrow is activity week; you choose activities that are offered to do during the 3 last days of school; and I am going Ice skating with the school at Oxford. Lush. 


  1. your too cute, spanish moss is awesome ha!

  2. oh my ! I totally love eating macaroons , it's so good , yum yum !


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